Saturday, June 6, 2009

Tough Times

Everyone, I've just been laid off my job... my wife and I decided to cut off services that are not necessary for our daily lives, it's hard for me but I will have to disconnect our internet service next month. I enjoyed maintaining the site and I do hope you guys had a nice time here also. Hopefully I can restore the site back up when I get a new job, I'll be selling the computers that I use for now, I'll keep the hard drives with the site and the galleria. All I'll have left is my one laptop Sad

I should say we had a good time didn't we? For those who donated before I thank you all, and if anyone here wants to take over maintaining the site, if you have a server to host it please let me know. I've been looking at possible free web hosts just for the forum but I couldn't find one that allows adult posts. And also with those kind of hosting, one report from the site owners and they'll close it.

Right now my main concern is my wife and our baby, I do hope I find a job quickly, but with this economy... it just sucks.

Signing off... Fuji