Thursday, May 7, 2009

Floyd Mayweather Sr. is full of SHIT!

My commentary on this interview :)

Floyd Mayweather: Yeah, we are ready. We will be ready. We appreciate, we’re looking to win this fight and it will be like to make the fight go real fast. And I think that Freddie is too hyped over this thing about Manny knocking out Ricky in three rounds. If that’s going to happen, it’s going to be the other way around.
In your face sucker! Not 3 but 2 rounds you dolt!

Floyd Mayweather: I think he’s just what I said. Freddie “The Joke Coach” Roach. That’s what I think he is. He’s a joke of a coach.
Freddie's a joke? Have you looked at yourself lately in the mirror you gas bag old fool.

Floyd Mayweather: Of course that’s one of the things. I mean, defense wins fights. The name of the game is hit and don’t be hit. So, that’s what I’ve been playing with Ricky to do. I know Freddie Roach said on TV. Don’t let him hit your body; don’t let him hit your body. We’re going to hit that body. It’s just a matter of time.We’ve got 12 rounds in there to fight. You don’t go a round without your body being hit.
Your fighter didn't even make it pass the second round LOL, did you teach Hatton to use his face as a shield?! He would have probably had a better chance without this "joke coach"

Floyd Mayweather: I would say so. I said one thing before. Ricky probably could have won this fight without me. I said that, I did say that but I will say one thing, he’s definitely got a much better chance of winning it with me than without me.
He would have probably made it to the 6th round if you weren't his trainer.

Q: Do you also think it’s unusual that he’s able to still have this kind of power as he moves up in weight?

Freddie Roach: Yeah, usually guys when they move up in weight they lose their power, but Manny’s staying power is better than ever and we’re going to show it - we’ll show it in this fight, I’m sure.
The unstopable Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao just keeps getting better.

Trainer of the Year
Freddie Roach - 3
Floyd "the gas bag" Mayweather Sr - ZEEEEROOOOOOOOOOOOO

Freddie Roach: Three times. Three times.
Floyd Mayweather: Do I want to elaborate on that? Not really because, like I said, Freddie he’s talking all that garbage but then when this fight get up here we’re going to find out just what talent really is. There isn’t any sense in getting scared now. When you try to send me a present. When you try to give me a gift over there with the T-shirts trying to be my friend.
Talent? Don't even talk about talent cause you have none FMS!

Floyd Mayweather: We’re gonna win the fight and whatever’s needed that’s what we’re going to do. If he has to box, he can box. If we want to brawl, we are gonna brawl. Whatever he wants to do. Because whatever it is that we do we can do better than Manny anyway. We can box better than Manny. He can box better than Manny. He definitely is stronger than Manny on the aggressive tip. Ricky is definitely going to back him up. He can fight going backward. He ain’t no Muhammad Ali. So, it doesn’t make any difference. Anyway he come. I know what he’s gonna do though. Soon as Ricky touch him with one good shot, if he’s able to run, that’s what he’s gonna do the rest of the fight. So, he’ll run the rest of the fight. That’s what he’s going to do.

I think he can be a good fortune teller, but only in reverse, that is take the opposite of everything he says.

Floyd Mayweather: And he’s probably going to go crawl up in some hole somewhere.
Where did you crawl into after the fight Floyd? Up your mama's ass LOL!
This guy is a total ass, bet no one would ever hire him again after this, even his son wouldn't hire this idiot.