Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fastest browser on earth!

I do hope you've already switched to Firefox or something a lot better than IE. However there is something else faster than Firefox at the moment and I JUST can't wait for it to get out of alpha/beta!!! It's Firefox Minefield Smiley

They got the fastest javascript engine in the planet at the moment, if you go give it a try enable JIT by typing about:config in the url bar and then search for jit. Then set:;true

And there you have it, you'll be surfing faster than Google Chrome, but if you want to test your extensions make sure you try and install the nightly addon to override the compatibility settings.

Sunspider Javascript benchmark result

Total: 1270.6ms +/- 2.0%

Google Chrome
Total: 1970.0ms +/- 0.6%

Total: 2710.0ms +/- 1.1%

IE8 B2
Total: 7600.6ms +/- 0.3%