Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Songbird Folder Watch Ghost Feature!!!

Features | Songbirdnest.com
Set Music Watch Folders
Tell Songbird to watch a folder for new music and it will automatically add new tracks to your collection
Fuck songbird!!! How do you set folder watch when it is nowhere to be found in any of your options!!! And yet it is listed as one of your fucking features!!! I'm still on a quest to find a media monkey clone in linux or at least something better than shitty amarok or that rhythm box where is always declares my mapped share drive missing and has to rescan all my stuff every freakin time.

Songbird is promising indeed, but no FOLDER WATCH!!!

EDIT: Apparently I got into an old page when looking for information about songbird, anyway google "songbird folder watch" and I think that is the first one on the list and it is also from their website. http://www.songbirdnest.com/features, you guys might want to edit that page or put something like "available on final version".

I just like to say that I love the feature that you can download songs through skreemr and that is works almost flawlessly on Linux Mint. It just looks too much like iTunes, personally I think the iTunes interface sucks, if you're looking for inspiration and features please please please look at Media Monkey!

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1 comment:

stevel said...

Huh, that's a tremendously old page that isn't linked anywhere now (because it's wrong - as you clearly found out).

How did you get to that page?

If you take a look at the roadmap:
you'll see we punted on Watch Folders for this release (0.7); hopefully it should be in by 1.0.