Saturday, June 14, 2008

It's not the PSU..

It seems my motherboard is dead, after 6 years of service it finally gave up, I tested the PSU on another PC and it worked, I tried a working psu on the server and nothing, not even a single bleep. However when I plug in the network cable the ethernet card was lit up. But that could just be the card drawing power from the cable. Anyways without a pc to hookup the sg server to it will be down for some time :( sorry guys.

Site Geisha is down, dead PSU :(

Argh the PSU on my server died last night, just as my stupid neighbor kept me awake with their fucking music. Gotta run to the store to get a new one, hope I can find one just like this, it lasted me for a long time considering it was running 24x7 for about 3 years now.