Monday, March 31, 2008

Dumb thief gets caught by online community

1991 skyline gt-r-stolen! calgary, ab - cash reward*pics of criminals inside* - - Car Forums
-New member regretfully posts that his car has been stolen by someone with a fake ID that took a permanent test drive. Describes vehicle and thief.
-Thief encounters another forum member at Chinook mall, member recognizes stolen vehicle as described in this post. Snaps pictures, posts on beyond. Even in a city of 1 million people, thief is spotted within hours due to internet exposure
-Thief is found on facebook using said pictures, recognized by multiple members
-Full name, address, and workplace is found via facebook
-Multiple forum members drive to known address at 2:30am, car is parked outside. Dude peeks out the window, sees posse, gets scared.
-Car disappears at some point.
-Another member drives by later, finds car. Boxes car in, calls cops, calls rightful owner
-Hilarity ensues
-Cops show up 2 hours later, pictures and youtube video posted of stolen car, and Dr. Claw the fail car thief getting arrested
-Car is now safe at home, back up for sale, with a new test drive policy. Bonus: Thief leaves $22 in change, and a shitty wanksta hat.

Link is passed around to virtually every forum worldwide within hours, checking in to show community support. Appears on front page of

Dumb thief LOL serves you right motherfucker!


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