Friday, August 31, 2007


This is Site Geisha's new home, since my ISP can't be relied on to provide 24x7 service, the gallery and the forum is always down, with it my blog. I've lost so much entries since I tried to maintain my own blog, hopefully using blogger would be a lot better.

Also since I will be shuffling the servers the main gallery and forum will be down, I also plan to move away from phpbb2 and use Simplemachines instead (

At the cost of losing all member registrations and all the post... I wonder if its worth it, I haven't seen much spam lately. The counter-measure I've installed to rid phpbb of spam registrations seems to work quite well.

Quad Core Project

Finally got the parts for my quad core pc project, the case looks nice and installation on it was very easy.

Had a problem with the motherboard and the power supply not having enough of those molex thingies.

Gonna post some pics and screenshots on the site, however without further tweaking and just a basic install of windows xp pro sp2, Intel's Quad Core rocks! Coming from a 2.8 ghz Pentium 4 this is so awesome, played Half-life 2 without any glitch or skips.

Been using it for 3 days now, this baby is fast like lightning compared to my old pc Smile Pretty stable to, only time it crashed was when I tried Playstation emulation and I guess the CDR plugin crashed the system.

Amazingly, after so many years I can now emulate the sony playstation at full speed!!! lol I almost cried when I played Tekken 3 and the whole video was playing like it was in fast forward.

Tried to rip some Jackie Chan dvd, took the program about 7mins! Freakin awesome!!!

The temps on my cpu according to abit's uguru program is about 40 degree celsius on idle, goes up to 50 i guess on full load.