Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Grub ERROR 17

WTF does that mean!!! Damn I can't boot back into my server :( all the files are still there, but the OS is shot, anyone got any suggestions on how to fix this?

Probably will have to reinstall ubuntu again, damn it!!!!

Note: fixed this by re-ordering the hard drives in the bios


deejaycee (SG nick) said...

Dear Fujiko: You might want to check out this thread. It seems this is a somewhat common error in Ubuntu.


Hope it helps!

rafiks said...

must be a bad hard drive.. did you just had a crash?

FujikoFujio said...

It's working now, had to change the order of the hard drives in the bios, we had a power outtage and my bios went bonkers.

Anonymous said...