Saturday, April 7, 2007

Ai Otsuka

Currently watching: Ai Otsuka @ stage6

I never liked divx movies before cause of their proprietary format but it seems they are making some nice features and improvements on divx quality. The videos from the stage6 website are clear and they load real fast. Also I'm finding a lot of Ayu's videos in there and also new artist I haven't seen or heard before. They also let you download the videos for free!

Click me!!!

Try watching this music video of Ai and trust me you will fall in love with her cute smile ^_^ (Kuroge-Wagyu-Joshio-Tanyaki-680-Yen)

I also liked this one ( Momo no Hanabira )

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virgiloz said...

hmmm ... The links are dead ... "Video Not Found!" ... do you have new links?