Friday, March 9, 2007


I do tech support for friends and as a side job, I was helping a friend last night with her new PC that Windows Vista Home Premium, connect to the internet.

Now I consider myself to be tech savvy enough to configure just about anything on a computer. But wow was I in for a big surprise, vista changed so much from windows xp and even from the beta versions I tested that I just gave up, we could get her computer to connect to the internet through her DSL connection.

The funny thing is, I know that the internet connection is working because her msn messenger works. IE7 nor Firefox would not connect to the internet, when I tried to use vista's diagnostics to check for problems it says none found, when I tried to add a new connection it says that I'm already connected to the internet. But when I try to visit any website it says I'm not connected, the thing that bugs me is yahoo messenger and msn messenger works!!!

Fuck vista the effects looks nifty but they really fucked bad with interface on this one. I guess they were attempting to make the OS easier for new users, but for someone who has used windows half of his life this thing didn't look easy to me.


Linux or Mac for me next time I upgrade, and personally I'm going to recommend those two to all my customers now.

Monday, March 5, 2007


Fixed the error messages on the website so now non-members can easily find out how to join SG. I tried to join a Filipino torrent tracker site and after reading several rules pages and readmes and getting my tracker account and forum account it turns out that I have to either submit an original content or give the admin $5 to use their tracker. Forget it!

So then I checked back at SG and realized that the error messages for new members were confusing and also non of them worked since the site was moved. Well now users get a much nicer page when they try to visit the galleria without all the necessary requirements.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

The Asian Model Directory is almost done, I hate the way the AsiaNude4U CSV is setup. So I guess what we have for AN4U will do for now, the 88Square and A4U galleries are okay.

Searching for model names also work, I still need to make another search that can do search for tattoos, skin color, breast size etc. I hope you guys like the AMD, its an improvement from the previous A4U directory if you ask me.

images/TN_amd (43K)