Friday, February 9, 2007

So what's going on why is Site Geisha down you ask? Well currently migrating the entire site to my Ubuntu server.

The move went smoothly in fact I've also rewritten the galleria code and optimized the download code. I tested PHPBB3 Beta 5, but sadly the authentication script I use no longer works with it. So I guess we're stuck with PHPBB2 for awhile until PHPBB3 gets out of beta or until I can reconfigure the script.

Screenshot (7K)

Apache2 works so much better than IIS, with mod_deflate enabled I can conserve my bandwidth too. Also to save disk space full thumbnail previews are no longer available, only the first row of pics get a thumbnail.

Any suggestions/comments don't hesistate to email me, your admin ^_^ who's working solo to get SG back for all of you.

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